Product Care Guide

As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! To maintain a long and lasting relationship with your diamond jewelry, you have to remember to treat your best friend with care!


Everyday wear brings your diamond jewelry into contact with dirt and debris that can cloud its beauty. Here are a few at-home tips to help you clean and maintain that radiance!

Firstly, you need the right cleaning supplies:

  • A shallow dish for soaking your diamond jewelry
  • A soft bristle toothbrush
  • Jewelry cleaning solution or household ammonia
  • A lint-free cloth for drying, such as a cloth used for cleaning a camera lens or eye glasses
  • Clean, warm water

Next, soak the diamond jewelry in warm water mixed with either jewelry cleaning solution or the household ammonia – 1/3rd solution with 2/3rds water – for at least five minutes. Then, gently scrub around the diamond and its setting using the toothbrush, frequently altering the angle of the brush to get into the tight crevices. Rinse the jewelry under clean water and dry it using the lint-free cloth to restore its brilliance.

If you’re concerned with the security of the setting, we highly recommend that you have the diamonds cleaned by a professional jeweler. It is especially important that a professional jeweler handle antique and heirloom diamond pieces.


What are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of cleaning your diamond jewelry?

  • DO clean your diamond jewelry when it begins to dull. This could be a weekly cleaning or a few times a year.
  • DON’T wear your diamond jewelry while cooking, working out, doing yard work or other activities that could damage it.
  • DO store your diamond jewelry separate from your other jewelry pieces. This will prevent scratching. We recommend fabric-lined jewelry pouches to store your jewelry in separate compartments.
  • DO NOT bleach or use abrasive chemicals on your diamond jewelry. Harsh chemicals can erode and discolor the metal.
  • DO have your diamond jewelry inspected by a professional jeweler at least once a year to ensure all diamonds are secure in the setting.

Visit us today for a professional opinion on caring for your fine jewelry!